Education Exchanges Support Foundation is a Lithuanian national agency responsible for implementing :
EU programs: Lifelong Learning Programme, Euroguidance, Europass, Erasmus Mundus, Tempus;
National programs: state scholarships for students and scientists, state scholarships for master students from 3rd countries;
Other : Nordplus, ESF.

The Foundation administrates more than 50 various activities that are relevant to schoolchildren, seniors, kindergartens or schools, as well as for higher education or other education-related institutions.

The opportunities provided by Foundation may be used by various associations, business or non-governmental organizations, and other institutions which are seeking to improve their activities or to increase the qualification of their personnel.

Our goal
Is helping to Lithuanian people to take the advantages of international cooperation projects opportunities, to administrate programs in a professional way and to disseminate their results.
Foundation personnel advices the interested ones and provides the information about various programs and their activities of general education and vocational education.

Spreading the lifelong learning idea and provide an opportunity for everyone to gain the international experience.
Purpose - the only organization, which offers the possibility to take part in international educational projects for people of all ages.
Exclusivity – an organization, which has the largest experience in management of educational projects in Lithuania and which has brought together a professional team of competent people.

In 2015 we are an innovative, socially responsible and open organization that provides the highest level of customers’ expectations fulfillment and where all employees are experts in their fields.

In close cooperation with EU Representatives in Lithuania, other Lithuanian institutions which administrate various initiatives of EC and with organizations implementing other programs the Foundation participate in additional activities.

Annually meetings, which became already traditional ones, of Baltic National Agencies are being organized. During these meetings the issues of Lifelong learning program management are discussed and the best practice as well as information is being shared.

As the initiative of three Baltic National Agencies, annually an exhibition ,,Baltic expro” is being held, where the best projects of programs participants are presented. The exhibition each year takes place in another Baltic country.

Since 2008 the Foundation has been organizing the Quality competition awards, where institutions or persons, who participated in individual mobility projects, are evaluated for the projects implementation in the most qualified way.