Your road to the biggest adventure of Your student life has already begun! You already know university, Kaunas, local and international people, now time to get to know the country better. 

Best way to do it is travelling. As for the first trip around Lithuania, ESN VMU offers You to visit capital city Vilnius and historical capital of Lithuania Trakai. Magnificent history and gorgeous nature of Lithuania will be impressing! Take a look at program of the trip below:

8:30 - Gathering and preparing for the trip; Meeting point - Baltija, Vytauto pr. 71, 1st floor
9:00 - leaving Kaunas

10:00 - arrival to Trakai, group picture
10:30 - 1st group - excursion in Trakai Castle, 2nd group - excursion around the town
12:30 - 1st group - excursion around the town, 2nd group - excursion in Trakai Castle
14:00-14:15 - coming back to the bus

14:30 - leaving Trakai
15:30 - arrival to Vilnius, excursion around the centre
16:45-19:15 - free time in Vilnius
19:15 - coming back to the bus

19:30 - leaving Vilnius
20:45 - arrival to Kaunas, back to dormitory

Follow posts @ to know when and where You will be able to registrate to the trip. ;)

26/08/2017 - 08:30