ESN VMU can not wait to see those that make the work our hobby - international students. Therefore, we have PLENTY of GREAT events prepared for You to know us and VMU International community better. Check out what’s waiting for You on 21st-31st of August ;) 

MONDAY, 21st of August
‘Meet and Greet ESN VMU’ - time for some fun ice-breakers and other get-to-know games, teambuilding activities. Great way to find common minds, isn’t it?
PLACE: Vero Coffee House, Maironio st. 7

TUESDAY, 22nd of August
Opening of the Semester - here’s the moment when the gates to Your unforgettable exchange experience open. Let’s celebrate the beginning of the most amazing months in Your student life!
PLACE: VMU Great Hall’s Lobby, S. Daukanto st. 28, 1st floor
TIME: 14:45

WEDNESDAY, 23rd of August
ESN VMU Picnic + Water Fight. Wishing to have some fun time with Your new friends before university starts? Then this is an event to make it happen. Bring some snacks for You and Your friend. After the picnic, Water Fight will wake you up for a great and fun evening to begin! 
Water balloons are too simple for You? You’re welcome to bring a water weapon then! ;) 

THURSDAY, 24th of August 
International Dinner. We all have something in common and something different that’s why spending time together is the thing that we do not get bored of. Time to show something unique and interesting for the world from Your countrie’s cuisine!
Do not forget to pass by Lithuanian table and try our traditional food as well ;) 

FRIDAY, 25th of August
Movie Afternoon with ESN VMU. After a quite intensive week, time to relax and chill a bit with good company and good movie. Have you ever turned Your universitie’s room into movie theatre? Not yet? Let’s do it!
PLACE: Putvinskio st. 23, room no. 103;

SATURDAY, 26th of August
TRIP TO TRAKAI AND VILNIUS. Time to regain energy with the best medicine - travelling. Explore beautiful countrysides of Lithuania while the weather is still warm - capital city Vilnius and historical capital city Trakai. 

If you’re not on the list to the trip yet, feel free to contact any of responsible people:
Miglė Jurgelionytė:
Monika Lisauskaitė:
Muhammed Hasan Agan
Vita Stankaitytė:

TUESDAY, 29th of August:
ESN VMU Brain Battle. Want to challenge Yourself and Your new friends with more activities? Welcome to do that with us!
PLACE: Vero Coffee House, Maironio st. 7;

WEDNESDAY, 30th of August:
VMU Organisations’ Fair. Want to know more about ESN VMU? Interested in other organisations in VMU? Have a look around, will be waiting for You!
PLACE: S. Daukanto st. 28;
TIME: 12-15 PM 

THURSDAY, 31st of August:
Orientational Game by ESN VMU. Your 10th day in VMU, means Kaunas is not new for You! Check if You can still find something new in your exchange city. New teams, new challenges, new friendships!
MEETING POINT: VMU dormitory ‘Baltija’, Vytauto pr. 71, 1st floor;

Sounds a lot? We will have even more fun waiting for You during the semester! 
Think Different, Think ESN VMU!

21/08/2017 - 09:00 to 31/08/2017 - 23:45
  • Everyone is invited.