Not so long ago all of you have said "Hello" to your Erasmus journey and "Nice to meet you" to your new friends but since time runs aways really fast it's almost time to say "Thank you" and "It was nice to meet you" to all what you have had here in Lithuania.

It's time to join the Farewell event made just for all ofyou! Farewell is a time for closing one of your cycles of your life so on the 17th of May ESN VMU and International Cooperation Department are inviting all international students of VMU to an evening filled with memories and good atmosphere. Collect all your best stories about your journey and time spent in Lithuania and on this day come to Donelaičio street 52 inside yard to say your farewells to everyone.

What is more, we are invinting you to vote for best of the best! Nomate your friends and wait surprises! 

Nominations form:

Place: Donelaičio str. 52 inner yard

Dresscode: 80's

17/05/2017 - 18:00