ESN VMU has one more excursion to the IXth Fort Museum prepared for you about history of several different nations. 
During the occupation of Kaunas and the rest of Lithuania by the Soviet Union, the fort was used as a prison and way-station for prisoners being transported to labour camps. After the occupation of Lithuania by Nazi Germany, the fort was used as a place of execution for Jews, captured Soviets, and others. The Ninth Fort museum contains collections of historical artifacts related both to Soviet atrocities and the Nazi genocide, as well as materials related to the earlier history of Kaunas and Ninth Fort. 
In 1958, a museum was established in the Ninth Fort and until today has a lot of stories and experiences to share with the visitors.
The visit will take you not only to look around the buildings but their undergrounds as well, where every corner is a part of Lithuanian history of the 20th century. To not only see but hear about it as well, guide will lead you during all the tour around the fort and tell you the stories in English. 
3.5 eur with ESNcard
4 eur without ESNcard
Public transportation is not included in the price.

08/10/2017 - 11:00