Erasmus in Vytautas Magnus University is the best thing I have ever do in my life!


I have met a lot of people who is belong different cultures and learned lot's of things from them. I've learned to see things from different perspective. I have many friends around the world now. I've gotten richness of knowing and loving people who is belong in different countries. When they choosed me as a talent of Erasmus it has motivated me to do what I do much more harder. It's amazing to see a lot of people who are supporting me even we don't know eachother well.


Here it were organised many social activities, parties and trips. I spent wonderfull time with these organisations which full of kind, funny and cheerful students. Living in a country which I don't even know their language was a precious experience for me. It has contributed me a lot! I've learned how to cope with my problems on my own.


What is more, I didn't have any financial problem here because Kaunas is very liveable for students. I travelled a lot on my Erasmus period because It was easy and cheap to visit Europe countries from Lithuania.


Before I came to Kaunas I saw a post on Facebook. It was saying "Erasmus is not one year in your life but your life in one year.". I understand real meaning of it after all my Erasmus period. I will never feel completely at home again because part of my hearth is in Kaunas.


Dilara Yazar