Meet HOBBYSHOP - best board games, brain-teasers and puzzles, radio controlled models, pokers items and manu other leisure activities. On HOBBYSHOP shelves, among variety of colorful board games, you will find products of well known brands such as Asmodee, Abacus Spiele, Amigo, Days of Wonder, Eureka, Fantasy Flight Games, Goliath, Dr. Wood, Philos,  University Games, Zoch, Eagle Games, Z-Man and others. In addition we have translated and prepared for you games such as Anti-Monopoly, Pickomino, Alhambra, Tobago, Stop, Boochie, Wizard, Dixit, MadWish, Scrablle, Jungle Speed , Solo. In HOBBYSHOP stores youcan find and choose a fun board game - for both children and adults; insanely crazy brain-teasers - perfect for gifts; professional radio controlled model or a high quality poker accessorie. Does anybody objects that HOBBYSHOP is a part of your leisure?


HOBBYSHOP, our friend, kindly helped ESN VMU in Blood Donation event and is always open for suggestions to participate in various social events. A lot of fun and entertainment with HOBBYSHOP are guaranteed !