Everyone knows how good it feels to simply chill and relax with a good company. But what if a calm, relaxing Picnic would end up being a Water Fight? Haven’t experienced it yet? Well now You can see how it looks like with ESN VMU!

The first part of the event is dedicated for everyone to bring some snacks, play games, have some talks.
Later on, Water Fight will wake you up and prepare you for an energetic beginning of the night! 

Meeting Point: VMU Baltija dormitory, Vytauto pr. 71
Place of the event: Santaka Park, Oldtown. 
DATE: 23rd of August, Wednesday
TIME: 16-21 PM 

We have some Water Balloons prepared. If You are experienced in Water Fights or brough Water Weapon inside Your luggage, do not hesitate to use it during this event! 

WARNING: food and non-alcoholic drinks welcome. No alcohol allowed.

23/08/2017 - 16:00
  • Everyone is invited.