You thought our adventures were over? No! Explore Anykščiai together with ESN VMU. Breathtaking panorama, history lessons, mirror room, a walk above the trees and much more are waiting for you.
Trip to Anykščiai will include a visit to the tallest church in Lithuania, an excursion in narrow gauge railway complex, and ethnographic horse museum where you will learn more about Lithuania, its history and culture. 
And it's not the end! We will also take a look at the biggest stone in Lithuania, Lighthouse of Happiness where one of the most famous Lithuanian literature writers rests, “COSMOS” bird path where you will immerse into infinity! 
Lastly, we will take a walk on the famous Anykščiai treetop path, where the beauty of Lithuanian nature will take a breath from you. ♥ So don‘t miss this opportunity and join us for this incredible trip!
DATE: 28th of October, Saturday
17 eur with ESNcard
19 eur without ESNcard
MEETING POINT: Baltija dormitory, 1st floor, Vytauto pr. 71
TIME: 7:30AM - 20:00 PM

28/10/2017 - 07:30