A lot of first impressions are waiting for you this week. First impression about the weather, first impression about the airport, dormitory, local and foreign people around you, first walk in Liberty avenue, first look around you faculty, first evening in a lithuanian bar and many more… What if ESN VMU has THE FIRST TRIP prepared for you as well? A trip which will let you explore two the most famous places in Lithuania: the capital city, Vilnius, and the historical capital town of Lithuania, Trakai.

Perhaps you already know, we’re all going to be there and make your first weekend in Lithuania great!

8:30 - gathering at Baltija's lobby, preparations for the trip9:00 - leaving Kaunas10:00 - arrival to Trakai,group picture10:30 - 1st group - excursion in Trakai castle, 2nd group - excursion around the town
12:30 - 1st group - excursion around the town, 2nd group - excursion in Trakai castle
14:00 -14:15 - coming back to the bus
14:30 - leaving Trakai
15:30 - arrival to Vilnius, excursion around the centre
16:45 -19:15 - free time in Vilnius
19:15 - coming back to the bus
19:30 - leaving Vilnius
20:45 - arrival to Kaunas, Baltija’s dormitory

To know where and when you can get the tickets, please follow the information in FB group VMU International Students 2016-2017. You may also get the information by contacting Laura Balevičiūtė or Emilija Žvirgždaitė.

28/01/2017 - 09:30